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Overnight Care

How Invercare can support you with overnight care 

Overnight care entails having a caregiver present throughout the late evening until early morning, providing essential support during crucial hours. Our team offers two distinct types of overnight assistance: waking night shifts and sleeping night shifts.

Having an overnight caregiver can significantly enhance your daily functioning by affording you the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. If the nighttime responsibilities of caring for a loved one become overwhelming, our services are here to alleviate the burden. We carefully match you with a dedicated overnight caregiver who steps in to assist with various tasks, including aiding with trips to the bathroom, ensuring comfort, administering medications, and remaining readily available in case of emergencies.

How Invercare can support you with overnight care 

If your loved one requires closer supervision, a waking night carer will be awake all night, either sitting in the room of your loved one, or staying alert in a room nearby, whatever the preference.


Prices for care always vary according to the needs of your loved one, and overnight care comes in two categories, sleeping night care, and waking night care. If you're interested in the cost of different types of care, call us today for more information.

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