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Companionship care is a popular choice for those looking to spend quality time doing the things they enjoy. This may include going on outings and getting about in the community for people who are less mobile and living alone. For anyone looking for some company on a regular basis, it is always more enjoyable to share with another person, be that a meal, a cup of tea, or a good conversation.


  • Prevent loneliness;

  • Avoid social isolation.

  • Maintain social skills.

  • Increase a sense of purpose;

  • Encourage healthy mental stimulation;

  • Stimulate positive thoughts and interactions;

  • Engage in memory exercises such as reminiscing.

Head shot focus on happy old man talking

What does a companionship carer do


Companion care can be arranged according to your loved one’s needs. Perhaps they need someone to call in a couple of times a week, to spend time chatting over a cup of tea, and maybe accompany them on occasional outings or shopping trips.

For elderly people who are feeling exceptionally lonely, or who are experiencing some health problems, or are just feeling particularly vulnerable living alone, a companion carer is an ideal solution.

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