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Home Visits / Home Care

How we can support you 

Home care means that you or your loved one will receive care in the familiar surroundings of your own home. This could be hourly visiting care for a couple of hours a week, or it could be a more intensive level of 4 visits per day , overnight care or live in care.  The most important aspect of care in your own home is the fact that you or your loved one will be surrounded by their own comforts, their own bed, their favourite mug, the neighbours they’ve known for years. This especially helps with progressive conditions that affect the memory such as dementia.

How to get care at home 
Benefits from care at home

The benefits of home care can be far reaching. By helping out with tasks, such as dressing, cooking and domestic chores - our carers can make your daily routine that much easier. Support at home doesn’t just provide assistance, it can also improve self-esteem by increasing independence and reducing your reliance on relatives.  You or your loved one will receive a personalised person centered care plan that is tailored to your needs as well as how you live your everyday life, so you can continue to live as you normally would but with that extra support when needed.

If you need support with care at home get in touch today 

Support at  home care be short term or long term this is entirely up to you . We can arrange for your care and support at home to start within 48 hours , contact us today for more information. 

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